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What is a Passion Project?

A passion project is something that gives you satisfaction, happiness and puts you into a state of flow. It’s something you do for the sheer love of it or because it makes you feel good. It may be writing a book, mentoring other women or creating something beautiful. It could be fitness related or focused on bettering the lives of others. Just like us women, passion projects come in many different shapes, sizes and colours – and each are beautiful in their own way.


Bloom gin wants to help you and your passion project bloom!

We asked 2,000 women about their plans to turn their passion project into a business: nearly half of women had considered doing so but only a fifth actually went on to start one. The reason? Mostly due to a lack of funds or a lack of confidence.

At BLOOM Gin, we believe that when women support women, we connect, and we conquer. That’s why we’re committed to supporting and inspiring other women to chase their dreams and do what makes them happy – because life is too short not to, right?!


We’re offering training and the chance to win £20,000 to fund your passion project

We’re giving you the chance to win a grand prize of £20,000 so you can take your Passion Project to the next level (don’t worry, our other finalists will receive a prize too!). We’re also offering valuable training that will help to grow your confidence and skill set so when you are ready, you have everything that you need to get going.

How it works

Instagram Live Lounge

Our Instagram Live Lounge Series will share the stories of inspiring women who have taken the leap to turn their Passion Project into a business reality.

The series has now ended but you can still catch up on each session using the button below.

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BLOOM in Business

In partnership with Future Females, we’re launching a skills training programme in October 2020. Through a series of webinars, we will help you to upskill yourself and give you the tools you need to start or accelerate your business journey.

The programme has ended but you can still watch the pre-records using the button below.

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Passion Projects Competition

For your chance to win a grand prize of £20,000 for your Passion Project, all you need to do is enter our Passion Project competition! Please ensure you have read the competition information below and our Terms and Conditions before applying.

The competition is now closed for 2020. To find out who the six finalists are, click the button below.

Meet The Finalists


Simply apply online

The Passion Projects competition officially launched on September 7th 2020 and will be open till December 11th 2020.

To apply, simply submit your business proposal and tell us why your Passion Project deserves to BLOOM with our grand prize of £20,000! We will be reviewing all entries according to the quality of the application and level of information provided.

Please ensure that you have read our competition Terms and Conditions to view the full judging criteria and eligibility criteria.

The competition is now closed for 2020. To find out who the finalists are, please click the link below.

Meet the Finalists

Get selected as a finalist

Each application will be reviewed by an independent party according to the judging criteria outlined in our Terms and Conditions. The very best applications from around the world will be shortlisted and entrants will be invited to the 2021 Pitch Final where they will pitch their Passion Projects in effort to win the grand prize.

Get your story heard

In the run up to the Pitch Final, we will help to amplify your story and help build your personal  brand by sharing it on our social media channels and with our media contacts.

Pitch at the final

The Passion Projects Pitch Final will take place in London where you’ll get the chance to meet our panel of inspiring female entrepreneurs and enjoy a fun-filled day alongside like-minded go-getters. You’ll then take to the stage to pitch your Passion Project to them as you battle it out for your chance to win the grand prize fund. Our judges will then select the winner, which will be officially announced that evening at our BLOOM Gin drinks reception.

Follow your journey

We will follow the journey of the winner in the year preceding the final, in order to see their Passion Project come into full BLOOM. We’ll share the journey of their Passion Project as it transforms into a fully fledged business, included the highs and lows experienced along the way.


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