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The BLOOM Gin Story

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Style? We’re not ones to blow our own trumpets but come on, that’s one lovely looking bottle (sure, it helps that it’s full of gin…) We’re chuffed that so many people love our look and proud to be a firm favourite for #weddinginspo on the ‘gram’, not to mention featuring centre-stage on some very finely curated drinks trolleys.

Substance? BLOOM Gin was created by one of the world’s leading authorities on gin, Master Distiller, Joanne Moore, a woman who has won more awards for gin distilling than possibly anyone else on the planet. The things that woman can do with a juniper berry, you wouldn’t believe…

At BLOOM, we believe that natural is better, which is why we stick to the finest natural botanicals and flavourings for our gins.

Sass? We’re proud to be an all-female team, each with our own individual styles, skills and personalities, each bringing something different to the table, but all determined and united in our mission to make amazing, delicious gins you’ll love. But that’s not enough for us – we’re also on a mission to bring some fun to the party, to help our fans to live full BLOOM.


Tell our Master Distiller it can’t be done, and she’ll show you it can. Back in 2009, Joanne was getting sick of people telling her they didn’t like gin, so she thought ‘nuts to that’ (you gotta love a Northerner) and decided to make a gin that even the most ardent juniper hater would like.

Working with only natural ingredients, Joanne created a deliciously light London Dry gin with soft nuances of chamomile, honeysuckle and pomelo, giving BLOOM its signature smoothness, creating a fresh twist on an old favourite. BLOOM has since gone on to make gin lovers of us pretty much everyone who’s tasted it – try it and see for yourself!

The people pleasers in us couldn’t stop with BLOOM Original so together, we’ve channelled our inner Victoria Beckham and crafted a collection of gins so stylish and delicious, you just have to have them.

From the sugar-free Jasmine and Rose Gin that transports you to an English country garden in one swift sip, the Raspberry & Rose with its mouth-watering lushness that makes you burst into life, to the oh-so exotic Bloom Passionfruit & Vanilla Blossom Gin that makes you feel like summer will never end, there’s a Bloom Gin out there for everyone. And that’s not even counting our ready to drink range.

So pour with positivity, join the gin-naissance and live your life full BLOOM!

Joanne Moore


What do we mean by live Full BLOOM? Well, that depends on who you are– but it’s about leading a life you love, a life where you can look back and say, you know what, I didn’t waste my life with negativity. I achieved, I laughed, I loved, I lived. Sometimes we find ourselves bogged down with the stresses of work, not making time for family or friends let alone our passions and ambitions. At BLOOM, we say life is too short not to #LIVEFULLBLOOM.


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