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What exactly is Gin and How it is Made ?

From the 17th century to today – how women have changed the way we drink gin

There is no denying that women and gin have been linked for centuries. Just think of its nicknames and you’ll get the idea: Mother’s Milk, Madame Genever, Ladies Delight … we could go on. While its past might conjure up dim images of dodgy back streets and Miss Hannigan, fast forward to the 21st century, and gin has emerged victorious.

Once known as Mother’s Ruin (as it would supposedly induce miscarriage in unwed pregnant women), gin has been given a much needed makeover. And the spirit’s road to redemption has mostly been paved by pioneering women proudly taking control of their lives. And who are these women who are the driving force behind the re-gin-venation? You, that’s who. In the past five years open-minded, sassy, independent women have changed the face of the spirits industry in a way no-one ever thought possible.

Master Distiller Joanne Moore

Joanne Moore - Master Distiller

BLOOM’s Master Distiller is one such woman. Put simply, she is the jewel in our crown. As one of the only female Master Distillers in a heavily male-dominated industry, Joanne embodies what it is to #LIVEFULLBLOOM. With over 20-years experience as one of

Britain’s (if not the world’s) best distillers, her portfolio of gin creations reads like a who’s who of beautifully balanced gins. Joanne’s deft touch is what makes BLOOM London Dry Gin perfect for those who want a purer-tasting gin and tonic.

So… What exactly is gin?

Basically, all gins come from a neutral spirit, often a grain base, and distilled with juniper berries. And while we’re on the subject (sort of), we want to point out that gin and vodka are not the same. Even if both spirits can be made from just about anything, and both are fermented and distilled, vodka stays flavourless. Yummy gin is infused with botanicals such as angelica root, cassia bark or fruit to deliver its distinctive piney finish.

All BLOOM gins only use natural ingredients which give all four of our gins (BLOOM London Dry Gin, BLOOM Jasmine and Rose Pink Gin, BLOOM Lemon and Elderflower Gin Liqueur and BLOOM Strawberry Gin Liqueur) their delicious smooth taste. The two 40% ABV gins have zero sugar and the gin liqueurs (25% ABV) have the lowest sugar content possible to still be called a liqueur. Joanne’s use of natural flavourings means that the entire BLOOM range has a long shelf life and won’t go off, even if the bottles have been open a while.

Joanne is a stickler for heritage, so she’s kept production methods traditional. Think distillation in copper pot stills, made in the oldest gin distillery in Great Britain, (which has been producing fine gin by hand for over 250 years). And the proof is in the pudding; BLOOM gins are a light tasting spirit that even the most ardent of gin-haters will love.

Then and now

We find the natural floral botanicals that make up BLOOM’s signature style is what makes us stand out on the supermarket shelves (well, that and our very good looking bottles). Our pure tasting flavour profile is much less juniper driven than many other gin brands which makes it the perfect choice for non gin drinkers.

Call us girly, but we are loving this modern girl’s lighter approach. It’s goodbye the English aristocracy and its vestiges of gentlemen’s clubs and it’s hello ladies who #LIVEFULLBLOOM. Ladies who ooze style, substance and sass are behind the nation’s gin revival, and we’re honoured to be changing the industry for you. So let’s celebrate by living life to the fullest with BLOOM. Cheers to that!

The best of the bunch

Our story might have begun with our London Dry Gin but as our range expanded, so did our love for all things gin. After she pinked our gin with Jasmine and Rose, Joanne created two gin liqueurs that are the perfect with bubbles. Plus the bottles look pretty good on the shelf too.

Check out our cocktail page for some inspiration.

London Dry Gin

They say you never forget your first, and BLOOM London Dry is certainly a classic gin. Our first born baby, this light and floral gin was inspired by nature and uses demineralised fresh spring water for a light refreshing taste. Master Distiller Joanne Moore chose the flowers of chamomile and honeysuckle, with the citrus fruit pomelo, to make up the three main botanicals for BLOOM – each one contributing in its own way for a unique gin drinking experience.

London Dry Gin

Learn more about our award-winning London Dry Gin, made using the original recipe created by female Master Distiller, Joanne Moore. To make our classic gin and tonic, serve with ice topped with tonic, and garnish with strawberries.

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Jasmine and Rose Gin

BLOOM Jasmine and Rose (40% ABV) is a pink gin done differently. Made with zero sugar (because you’re sweet enough as it is, right?), it is an award-winning, floral tasting gin that adds a bit of pizzazz when mixed with tonic or lemonade. And not that we’re ones to blow our own trumpet or anything, but BLOOM Jasmine and Rose Gin was “highly recommended”, scored a whopping 88/100, and won Silver Medal at Tastings 2018. Just saying.

Jasmine & Rose Gin

Learn more about our sugar-free premium pink gin, bursting with exquisite floral flavours. To make our refreshing pink gin fizz, serve with ice topped with lemonade and garnish with fresh mint.

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Strawberry Gin Liqueur

Inspired by BLOOM Gin’s signature serve of a G&T with quartered strawberries, Joanne combined fresh strawberries with our London Dry Gin, giving a gorgeous ruby-red coloured liqueur. Perfect as a long drink, mix with Mediterranean tonic or ginger ale for a burst of summer whatever the season. BLOOM Strawberry Gin Liqueur is simple, elegant and refreshing.

Now doesn’t that sound just like you?

Lemon and Elderflower Gin Liqueur

Ah, Lemon and Elderflower Liqueur (25% ABV) – our newest addition to the family. Inspired by the incredible success of the Strawberry Liqueur (as well as Meghan and Harry’s wedding cake), we asked our Insta-fans to vote on whether we should create a gin liqueur with the same flavour profile. The result was a resounding yes – so Jo created a light and fruity gin liqueur that we knew our followers would love. The low-alcohol content and significantly lower sugar content than other gin liqueurs make BLOOM Lemon and Elderflower Gin Liqueur perfect for mixing with sparkling wine (and channeling your inner Duchess of Sussex).

BLOOM’s Ready to Drink Range

Mixers play a massive part in the difference between a mediocre G&T and a mind-blowing one. The perfect G&T depends on getting the ratio just right (it’s one part, three parts in case you didn’t know). Our Ready to Drink range is the perfect answer. Impeccably mixed with tonic water, light tonic or rose lemonade, all you need to do is just twist and go.

View our  Gin Range to learn more


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