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5 Ways to upcycle your bloom gin bottle

When the last drop has come out of your favourite gin bottle it can be a sad time… especially when it’s a bottle as pretty as ours! Rather than sending the glass to recycle, a little upcycling can offer a whole host of uses – from being the centrepiece of your dinner table, to the lamp on your bedside table.

If you fancy unleashing your inner artistic craft genius while doing your bit for the environment, check out a few of our favourite suggestions for how to re-use and upcycle your empty BLOOM bottles.


When you think of garden accessories, the usual gnome and hanging basket comes to mind. What you probably don’t expect to see in your neighbour’s garden is a homemade gin fountain complete our stunning bottles of BLOOM!

This is a unique way to make use of your multiple empty bottles, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “gin on tap”.

Photo credit: @mollyeastwood95


We may not have to wait much longer for the evenings to draw out again, and soft lights can add an elegant touch to a garden party or casual weekend dinner.
Our gin bottle is a great choice as it’s tall and elegant enough to grab all the attention and our eau de nil tint gives off a lovely glow.

Once you’ve got the bottle clean, fill it with some LED lights or your choice of fairy lights for a cheap and cheerful way to brighten up your back garden.

Photo credit: @darrenhill24


Using gin bottles as flower vases give a simple but lovely effect and best of all, they don’t require any modification to be upcycled! In fact – unlike your traditional gin bottle – ours is much closer to a flower vase due to its height.

For the perfect insta-snap, pair a stylish bottle with an elegant bunch of flowers. You can grab a complimentary tonic bottle to really set this centrepiece apart.

Photo credit:


Much like the water fountain, you can set your home garden apart by transforming an old bottle into a simple bird feeder.
Our ready to serve bottles also work perfectly for this project if you’re looking for something a little smaller.
Ensure you have all the required components to put this together, this includes some wood, some wire, and of course, some seed mix.

Photo credit: @sarahpudseybear


If you’ve found yourself with more time on your hands and looking to upgrade your home décor, you can upcycle your bottle into a funky table lamp.
Place the lamp in your front room and watch it become the best conversation starter.

Photo credit: @craftyfecker

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