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Meet the fabulous females behind BLOOM Gin

BLOOM Gin is the epitome of style, substance and sass and its all-female dream team bring all three in equal measures too!


Meet Elaine, who leads the brand with her own unique and passionate style. “We’re not ones to blow our own trumpets but come on, that’s one lovely looking bottle (sure, it helps that it’s full of gin…) We love that so many people love our look and we’re proud to be a firm favourite for #weddinginspo on the ‘gram’, not to mention featuring centre-stage on some very finely curated drinks trolleys and back bars.”


Introducing Joanne, BLOOM Master Distiller – a woman who has won more awards for gin distilling than possibly anyone else on the planet! “The inspiration behind BLOOM was to create a more delicate gin that everyone would love, using natural ingredients. You could say it all blossomed from there!”


Well, that’s something that every female on the BLOOM team brings to the mix, including Abbi. “We’re proud to be an all-female team, each with our own individual styles, skills and personalities, each bringing something different to the table, but all determined and united in our mission to make amazing, delicious gins you’ll love.”

Here’s a little more about us – Team BLOOM…..

Joanne Moore

BLOOM Gin was created by one of the world’s leading authorities on gin, Master Distiller, Joanne Moore, a woman who has won more awards for gin distilling than possibly anyone else on the planet. We could bore you here with a list of all the awards she’s won over the years, but the truth is, like all of us, Joanne’s so much more than her career achievements. Besides, you’ve got LinkedIn if you want to know her career history.

The first thing you need to know about Joanne is that she is possibly the most honest and determined person you’ve ever met, and unsurprisingly, she’s rather passionate about gin. Tell her you don’t like gin and that determined streak kicks in. She’ll make it her mission to make a gin lover out of you, and you can bet good money she’ll succeed. That’s how BLOOM came about, in fact .

Joanne puts her tell-it-like-it-is, down-to-earth style down to her proud Northern upbringing – she grew up in Cheshire, not far from our distillery, and she still lives in the area today, now with her husband, son and step-daughter. Family means the absolute world to her and its them who she credits with keeping her grounded.

Like many of us, Joanne grew up looking up to her mum, especially after her dad sadly passed away when she was just 16 years old, bringing the two of them even closer together. Close female friendships have continued to be a big part of Joanne’s life and she’ll be the first person to tell you how much strength and support she gets to this day from her closest female friends.

As the distiller behind some of the world’s most loved gins in the last decade, Joanne’s more than made her mark on the world but it’s not always been an easy ride, especially overcoming some of the prejudices towards her in the male-dominated distilling world in the early days of her career. The key to her success? In addition to working hard, a combination of self-belief, confidence, not being sub-servient have served her well, as well as remembering you don’t have to win every battle.

For Joanne, the struggle for work/life balance remains a daily reality but thanks to her supreme multitasking skills and having learnt to cut herself some slack every now and then, she manages to juggle being a partner, mother and Master Distiller amazingly. If you haven’t yet discovered the things she can do with a juniper berry, you’re in for a treat!

London Dry Gin

Learn more about our award-winning London Dry Gin, made using the original recipe created by female Master Distiller, Joanne Moore. To make our classic gin and tonic, serve with ice topped with tonic, and garnish with strawberries.

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Elaine Maher

Elaine has led the team at BLOOM Gin for over two years, taking the brand in what she calls a convention-breaking, ‘fashion-forward’ direction, bringing the brand’s style, substance and sass to the fore.

Elaine sees herself as a strong woman and likes to surround herself with equally strong friends. She likes to bring her life experiences to work with her to help shape her thoughts and directions for the brand, taking inspiration from the latest trends her friends are into and applying them to BLOOM.

A career in marketing was always on the cards for Elaine, ever since university where whilst studying Business Commerce, she realised how fun it could be. Whilst many of her friends working in marketing work on products such as toilet cleaner and dishwasher tablets, Elaine knew that was never going to be for her, however interesting and similar the challenges may be. Following a start in haircare, Elaine moved on to alcohol and hasn’t looked back.

Elaine’s been inspired since she was young by her Nan, watching her give all her strength and determination to doing the very best for her family. She was brought up on a farm and moved just two doors down the road when she met and married her grandad at 17. Sadly, he passed away at 46, leaving her to look after the farm and bring up their five children alone. Early starts, parenting and all household duties became her everyday with no one to share those burdens and joys with. She never considered getting involved with anyone else, but the older she got, the more open she was to trying new things. She left Ireland for the first time when she was 60 and learnt to swim at the tender age of 65. Talk about living full BLOOM!

If anyone could be described as living full BLOOM, it’s Elaine. Play is just as important as work to Elaine, so whilst she gives her all to developing new products for BLOOM and coming up with ideas such as the BLOOM colouring book, she can always be relied on to be centre-stage at any party, BLOOM copa glass in hand, naturally!

Raspberry & Rose Gin

Learn more about our new Raspberry & Rose Gin, a berry delicious new addition to the BLOOM family and one of the first of our Fruit & Floral Fusions. To make a tipple with a twist, serve with ice topped with lemonade and garnish with raspberries.

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Abbi Adeniyi

Abbi is the newest member of team BLOOM but she’s certainly made her mark on the brand since she joined, bringing her own blend of style, substance and sass to the mix.

Abbi is as passionate about the brand’s mission of celebrating and inspiring women as she is about the product.

For Abbi,  the next most important step for the brand is to continue cultivating a community that inspires and unites women in all ways – whether that’s bringing out new flavours so you have something delicious to drink during those bonding moments, or shedding light on others’ journeys, so our audience knows that nothing is impossible.

Abbi’s a thoughtful woman, perhaps stemming from spending much of her time growing up reading poetry collections, which was a favourite past time of hers. Maya Angelou is her ultimate female hero and Abbi feels she has learnt a lot about life and love through her works. For Abbi, Maya’s life is a real example of what it means to be resilient, despite the circumstances and to always learn from your mistakes. So true…

It’s not only Maya Angelou who’s influenced Abbi. Having grown up with three sisters, Abbi’s always known the power of the female collective and the extent to which we face the same challenges and share a similar journey. Without her sisters to learn from, Abbi believes she wouldn’t be the woman she is today, so she recognises the impact a little support can have on an individual.

A career in alcohol marketing was in the stars for Abbi as she’s always been fascinated by consumer behaviour and what makes people want to buy things and buy brands in particular. She became increasingly interested in the alcohol industry during university when she worked on a brand project for part of her degree where they chose an alcohol brand. That’s when she realised how exciting the industry is – unlike a lot of products that we consider a necessity, Abbi realised alcohol is always a choice and appeals to the emotional side of a person, the side that wants to make good memories and have a good time and this was really interesting to her, so she made it her mission to work in the industry.

Like all the BLOOM team, Abbi enjoys a G&T or two when the mood takes her, preferring the classic G&T using BLOOM London Dry Gin, sometimes with a squeeze of fresh lime juice before adding the garnish to make it a little sweeter. That’s the beauty of BLOOM London Dry Gin, you can add your own personal touches without ruining the flavour!

Passionfruit & Vanilla Blossom Gin

Learn more about our exciting new Passionfruit & Vanilla Blossom Gin, an exotic twist on the traditional gin and one of the first of our Fruit & Floral Fusions. To make a refreshing gin and tonic, serve with ice topped with tonic, and garnish with a lemon wedge.

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